New Micro-Apartment Design in NYC

article-2266745-17196B35000005DC-997_634x286“New York’s ability to adapt with changing times is what made us the world’s greatest city – and it’s going to be what keeps us strong in the 21st Century.” – New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

In an answer to New York City’s housing shortage, the City has named the winning design for fifty-five 400 square foot micro apartments which will be built in mid-town Manhattan.  The new apartment design will be part of a new exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York.  While we previously mentioned that smallest of homes in Earl’s Court will be at least double the size of these apartments, it is still interesting to see how the trend in smaller living is really taking on throughout the country!

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The Street is In!

Over the weekend, our masons were hard at work laying the stone for the main street in Earl’s Court, Rose Wilder Lane.  Take a look at the video above capturing the placement of the cornerstone–an exciting moment for everyone involved!  After a weekend of great weather and hard work, we came back to a completed street on Monday!  It looks beautiful.

A new street in Earl's Court, Old Village